One Day Ethical Fish Leather Tanning @ CERES 2019

One Day Ethical Fish Leather Tanning @ CERES 2019


Autumn and Spring Workshops – (*April 7th CANCELLED) & November 20th

This one day intensive will open the door to how we've tanned skins and hides on this planet for thousands of years. Using waste fish skins that would otherwise end up in landfill, you will take a raw fish skin with flesh and transform it using natural and easily accessible tools and ingredients to continue practicing at home. A great one day intensive for those with little to no experience of making traditional leather.

"This was a great class! I not only learnt the basics of fish skin tanning, but Josh, the teacher extended the learning as far as we wanted to go, so we tackled possum skin tanning and discussed and learnt about much of the background knowledge of the broader possibilities of tanning. Highly recommended!" - Kate (attendee at the Autumn class @ CERES)

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One-Day Ethical Fish Leather Tanning @ CERES Environment Park
(Autumn workshop: April 7th *CANCELLED, and Spring workshop: October 20th, 2019)

Ever attempted to or wondered how to make your own leather? Couldn’t get around the ethical dilemma of using animal skins? Come along and learn the basics of traditional tanning using waste fish skins that would otherwise end up as landfill, and transform them into an all-natural versatile textile. No prior knowledge necessary and the recipe works on other animal hides. And yes, fish leather is a real thing!

Hosted by CERES Environment Park, an old tip/ waste centre converted into a thriving education centre for people learning back to the land skills such as organic gardening, and other sustainable living solutions.
As a student you will take home not only your own fish leather tanning project, but also foundational knowledge in traditional tanning methods.

What are you waiting for!? Come join The Bush Tannery for this 1 day intensive!

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